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print design

As the Creative Specialist at Green Ideas, a green building consulting firm in Downtown Phoenix, it was my job to establish a strong brand identity for the company at the 2009 Greenbuild conference in Phoenix.

Booth Design, Flyer Design

My work with Green Ideas and Greenleaf led to an exciting opportunity to create the branding for Oldcastle's sustainability initiative. The multi-billion dollar company needed to convey the green attributes of its materials in a clean, aesthetically pleasing way and the solution was a custom Greenleaf profile.

Product Profile Design, Icon Design

Another passion of mine (aside from design) is writing and recording music. I'm fortunate enough to work with a very talented producer that goes by the name IQgotBeatz. IQ needed a new business card to go with his new logo and I was more than happy to oblige. He wanted to make it look like a credit card and was extremely happy with the result.

Business Card Design

As a huge fan of puzzles, I love taking images and arranging them in a clear, organized, aesthetically pleasing way. It just so happened that my friend and amazing photographer, Karlo Gesner, needed help designing some wedding albums for his clients. I used white space and touches of color to give the album a clean and elegant look. Check out Karlo's page at

Album Layout Design

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